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When people do wrong, they have to pay the price: There is no luck in this world

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★ 、 Wait is the price I paid for you

★, believe that there will be a price to pay, the price is just a fool.

★ 、 Because of my youth, I paid a bitter price for my love.

★ 、 Sometimes, you deceive a girl and pay a heavy price.

★ There is no luck in this world. People always pay the price for young mistakes.

★, I paid the price for my choice, and my world is dark.

★, revenge is not for yourself, but for you to pay for the past

★ Compared with missing a car, the cost of sitting in the wrong car is greater, and so is the relationship.

★, to obtain reason, you must pay an expensive price, it must be the price of youth.

★ 、 When a thing requires you to pay too painful price, you don't dare to ask for it.

★ 、 If there is no opportunity, people can only pay the price of 20 years and a few sheets of paper

★ 、 Don't easily fall in love early, because early love really has to pay the price.

★, people have to pay for their mistakes, not that you say sorry, I have to say it doesn't matter.

★ 、 Do you have to pay the price to grow up? Forget the dream dreams in your youth.

★ No one can get anything without sacrifice. In order to get something, they must pay the same price. (

★, I hate betrayal, if you betray me, no matter how important you are to me, I will make you pay

★, paid such a high price, getting up early and getting greedy, and being wind and rain, it ’s not worthwhile if you do n’t study well.

★, the pain of hard work and integrity, compared with the price of laziness and hypocrisy ... is very small.

★, the issue of weight loss must pay a price, either to strain its muscles or starve its body, and neither of these can be taken care of.

★, since it is my choice, I will never regret it, I hate the word regret. I will never regret it even if it comes at a painful price

★ 、 I love him, I have to pay the price. My purpose is to make him happy, even if he gets angry and beat me, I scold me.

★, even if there is no way out, even if it is to pay a great price, no matter how many times I fall, even if it is broken, I will bring her back.

★ 、 The middle school entrance examination flew into the arms of the college entrance examination, crying: Why don't they value me? The college entrance examination spoiled watching him: three years later I would make them pay!

★, from now on, I will not tolerate any more. I will grab the things that belong to me without hesitation and hurt me. I will make them pay one by one.

★, no matter how old or old, no matter how urged by family and friends, do not treat marriage casually, marriage is not a card game, reshuffle will pay a huge price.

★ 、 Do n’t think that you ca n’t survive who leaves, you must know that your life comes from your parents. No one except them is worth your life.

★ 、 The entrance exam cries in the arms of the college entrance examination: why they don't value me! The college entrance examination touched the back of the entrance examination: three years later, I will let them pay for it!

★, When we were young, it was a breeze for a person to want to enter our heart. When we grow up and have been hurt, and then someone wants to enter our heart, we must pay the price of bloodshed .

★, to lose weight must pay the price! If you ca n’t bear the hunger, basically you are very hard to lose weight ~ If you are too afraid of suffering, you wo n’t be able to get started. There is no good way to just ask me how to tolerate it is not good to eat! !! !! !! !!

★, as the saying goes: the gun strikes the head bird; the saying goes: stupid bird must fly first. People with weak abilities must set out before others. Even if they pay a heavy price, they cannot stop the pace of advance. Choosing to withdraw means to declare failure! May you be a successful person.

★, the life now is not what I want, but this is also for myself! There was no courage to try but to choose to compromise so that now I have tasted the wrong decision made before. The road is chosen by you, and the decisions you make all come with a price, so think about it later when you make a decision!

★ Dolls: Anything in the world is very fair, and all emotional refreshments need to pay a price. Similarly, all emotional heartaches will be rewarded, and everyone ’s apparently lost benefits will be replaced in another area On the surface, the benefits gained will be lost at another level.

★, love is actually like a taxi. First, unlike a bus, just waiting will automatically come in front of you, and you need to wave to it before stopping; second, if you encounter an empty car, it is your luck, but often There are already people in the car; third, how much will be paid for the distance.

★, living the life you want, God will make you pay. Take care of yourself and love yourself to love others. If you are depressed, suffering, sad, not free, how can you make a warm room in your heart and let important people live in it. If a heart is riddled with holes, people living inside will be wet by rain. —— Passing by your world

★ 、 Commitment is like pearl. Its luster is the price of river mussel pain and its glory. Commitment is like honey. Its sweetness is the result of the hard work of bees. It is also the pride of bees. Commitment is like a meteor. The meteorite's tragic dedication is also the glory of the meteorite; the promise is like gold, and its brilliance is the hard-working value and joy of the gold digger.

★ How much we paid for this to follow our inner voice life. In love, you just want to accept a person, not just accept his superiority, but see that he is ordinary but still deeply in love. We walked and felt that the other party had changed. In fact, we did not change. We just walked into the real place of the other party and lost ourselves.

★, there can be many people who like me, because I know that I can be very happy to accept it, and you are only I like you, I do not love you, you fucking nothing! Selfish bastard, take the love of others as your unbridled capital, okay, then, take your capital back from you, a careless person! I will never give up pursuit! People do wrong, they all have to pay the price!

★, how this feeling is like falling in love, it is really painful. After working, I felt that there are really many involuntaries and helplessness in life. Many things that I could n’t directly accept now are gradually accepted now, maybe this It is also a price that must be paid. Now I feel very painful. When I recall it in a few years, I may feel nothing! I just hope that my enthusiasm will not be swallowed up by this society!

★, even if it will pay a painful price, I have to face it! I understand that this is a mistake I made, so I will bear all the consequences without complaint! The more people grow up, the more difficulties and problems they will encounter. Some things need to be dealt with and solved by themselves. No one can help! Maybe it is these things that will enrich my life! I will remember this moment and this matter, let's just grow up!

★ 、 If you don't see the future clearly, then try your best to do well now. With the things in front of you, opportunities will come naturally. You cannot change the past. What you are in the future depends on your present. If you are confused about the future and give up your efforts now, then you will eventually pay for today's fall. Many problems cannot be solved by imagination. You must do it yourself and remove obstacles in your actions.

★, dragons have inverse scales, so do people. Everyone has a taboo that cannot be touched, and if you touch it, you will pay the price, not to mention that you have been warned before. Do n’t always think about apologizing and regret after hurting. If you touch taboos in love and you can do it again, there must be one person who has endured great pain but still has hope for another person, and splurge on others at will The only result of your love and patience is to let people go hard.

★, Repeating insomnia in this way, repeating again and again, look around, pay attention to the small ornaments and books in the bookcase, each item can represent someone and a certain moment, the night of the peacock, the memory of the little fish, there are The doll that accompanied me for the first time included souvenirs brought back from traveling, books that were sent to me when I fell in love, and the title of the book Amitabha Momo once thought that I had to pay the price for my love.

★, the result is as I expected, I really failed in the entrance examination. The defeat was a complete mess. I failed my parents' expectations for me. Sometimes, I asked myself. Who are you worthy of these years? Maybe I'm sorry for myself? U 馐 Qiaoyao? Ω Enzyme Frozen Thumb? Di T サ ??? サ Nai Shao <You barrel mulberry ∥ stupid blow 淖 N 闳 闳 闳 four to find a large amount of beak ぷ 鞯 mother to change the blessing What are the four thresholds? Nuomuxian Welding?

★ Someone else ’s things look noble, but they need to pay the corresponding price. For example, some people ’s family environment and conditions are not good, and some will borrow money from relatives and friends at home, or sell others or get them by themselves. Envious of the envy and hatred, I started to show off around and feel great, but really rich people and noble people don't just have an extraordinary thing, they just don't take it out easily.

★, don't blame it blindly. Marriage relationship is not as outsiders see, of course, the man does not have to do so. There is nothing wrong with venting revenge or stating the facts. The erring party must pay for it. But allow people to think narrowly: what exactly is marriage? I think my mother is right. Don't look at how you are when you are in love or marriage, but how you are when you are in a quarrel. The former is love, the latter is character.

★ 、 Sometimes I feel sad and want to cry. The reason is really too small. For example, I rushed to Changsha from my hometown in the morning and could n’t get a car home. I was waiting for a headache on the side of the road. For example, many emotional commitments are not recognized, and I do not want to say that I am in my heart. It really costs too much to grow up. I hope I can live a tiring and fulfilling life this year and change the current situation. I am willing to suffer more.

★, isn't it true in life. Born to be destined to die one day, why should we fear the threat of death. Ordinary life is a lifetime, and scenery is a lifetime. Why don't we choose the latter? Just like the sun flower, even if it is beautiful overnight, we must work hard, even at the painful price, we will not hesitate, so as not to live a lifetime. At this point, I also figured out, why should I have sadness and regret for having a splendid life of the sun flower?

★ 、 Many people say they don't want children, they say they don't like children very much. The fact is that most people who become parents just like their children, and it doesn't matter whether they like children or not. If there is another life, want to experience no children. After all, being a mother has already experienced it. It is wonderful to watch a child grow up slowly, but the process is still not easy. The greatest price paid for experiencing this kind of goodness is freedom, not just the freedom of the body, but also the freedom of the mind. I care and worry all my life. I can't do whatever I want to grow up in my career. Freedom, my freedom! !!

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